Gender & the Media

CM 213:  Gender & the Media

In addition to my core concentration/major courses, I took an elective called Gender & the Media.  For this class, we used different writings from both the Internet and the textbook to analyze and interpret the way the media shapes our gender roles and stereotypes.  At the end of the semester, we had to pick one topic relating to gender stereotyping and write a paper focusing on how the media helps to shape these beliefs.  Always one to look for a challenge, I chose to look at women and the double-edged sword of pornography.  This was one of the most educational and enlightening assignments I’ve had – since many of the articles I used were written by men, I was able to get their perspective and idea about pornography, but then I could put it into perspective with my own point of view and experiences.  I was also able to better understand the thoughts and concerns of the women in the articles, as we often share similar experiences, circumstances and taboos regarding our opinions on pornography.

Thesis statement

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