Independent Study

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve always loved learning and discovering new information, especially when it revolves around something I’m interested in.  During our meetings, my advisor had suggested that I consider an independent study, picking a topic and creating a project with little involvement and guidance from my supervising professor.  Immediately, I knew that I wanted to study the effects of media violence on children, but this was far too broad.  Then I narrowed it down to “the effects of professional wrestling on children,” but this was too narrow.

Eventually, I decided to study the relationship between media violence, children and real world violence.  I wanted to determine whether television violence effects the development of children, and if so, how.  After about a month of research, I found that there are too many conflicting and contradictory reports to make a concrete decision either way, though there are many other factors that come into play.

Media, Children and Real Life



Entire report (24 pages)