Media/Technical Writing

Aside from my PR-centered courses, I have also taken courses in Media Writing and Technical Writing.  Each class presented a new challenge, as I had a new audience and new material to work with.  These classes were different from the website I used to write for, as for my online article, my readers were already familiar with the topic and did not require much – if any – background information.

The website is Karma’s Wrestling Retro, and my column is entitled “Say Stung,” though it hasn’t been updated in quite awhile! 

CM 105:  Media Writing

The best part of this course was the encouraging professor.  Because of her, the following three pieces appeared in a Fall 2006 edition of Worcester State’s Student Voice.

Frank Lamelas and his wife, Sudha Swaminthan were new additions to the faculty.  Lamelas was my physics professor, but they both taught the same subject(s) at the same school – and had a then-six year old son, Chami.   The article is available here.

To celebrate Latino Month, Maria Echavaste, former assistant to President Bill Clinton, spoke about Immigration and Labor Needs in the 21st Century.  This article appeared on the front page of the school paper and is available here.

During class, we had a roundtable interview/discussion with Kelly O’Brien, the assistant director of Worcester State’s study abroad program.  You can read this article by clicking here.

EN 252:  Technical Writing

The final project for this course was to create a “how to” user manual.  Mine was about keeping your old car running like new, but the truth is that I should probably follow some of this advice myself.  You can read the entire 28-page manual here.