Public Relations

While trying to figure out where my concentration would be, I was attracted to public relations primarily for its writing aspect, especially because my school didn’t offer a journalism major or minor.  As I took more classes, I realized that there was more to public relations than just writing; what I really love is how it combines aspects of marketing and advertising and turns them into a completely “hands-on” experience.  I also like the idea of working closely with top-level company executives and influencing their business decisions – PR is about as close one can come to being a business owner without actually owning the business.

CM 180:  Introduction to Advertising

 Interview with Robert Recore, former advertising director for Worcester Telegram & Gazette

CM 210:  Corporate Communication

Interview with Ron Lataille, vice president of investor relations for Verizon

CM 240: Public Relations Principles & Practices

This course was designed to give us our first taste of real-life public relations work.  One of Worcester State’s biggest problems is the knowledge gap between resident and commuter students about on-campus events.  My proposal addresses this issue and it can be read here.

CM 340: Public Relations Strategy

The Second Chance Fund for Animal Welfare [] provides affordable, low-cost spay and neuter services for cats and dogs in Central Massachusetts.  During the Fall 2007 semester, I worked with a team of two other students to help SCFAW address their concerns.  Because they are a non-profit organization, we decided that their main priority should be increasing the number of donors and/or increasing the dollar amount of each donation.  Since they also had about $4,000 earmarked for advertising purposes, we included an advertising plan that would help improve knowledge and awareness about the program and services.  As an addendum, we also created a survey to be filled out by participants in the program, giving SCFAW immediate feedback on what was working and what needed improvement.

PR Plan